H-SIM Workshop

We have scheduled the HSIM workshop in two parts: Wednesday 22nd Sept 15:20-17:00 UTC and then continue for a second session on Thursday 23rd September  14:40-1540 UTC. Please see the programme for more details.

During the HSIM-workshop we will use HSIM3.


  • is a dedicated pipeline for simulating observations with HARMONI on the ELT.
  • takes high spectral and spatial resolution input data cubes, encoding physical descriptions of astrophysical sources, and generates mock observed data cubes.
  • is programmed in Python and the source code can be found at the HSIM Github repo

We will see how to use it and run your own simulations, but meanwhile you can read the HSIM3 manual 

A useful tool to generate input cubes for HSIM is CUBEGEN which can be found at the CUBEGEN Github repo

We will use example data cubes, but you can also come prepared with your own datacubes to work on during the workshop.


If you wish to join the HSIM-workshop please add yourself to the Slack channel #hsim-workshop on the meetings Slack workspace.

Please install HSIM3 and CUBEGEN before the workshop following the instructions on the Github repos linked above. In case of problems, please post any questions or help requests on the Slack channel #hsim-general.

The workshop will be led by Miguel Pereira-Santella, Project Scientist for HARMONI.