Talks during the live meeting

Talks during the live meeting should be 15min+5min for Q&A and handover to the next speaker. As a rough guideline, please budget Q&A of typically 3 min with 2min handover.

All talks will be given on zoom and will be recorded.

The reccordings will be made available on the workshop webiste.

For both live and recorded talks, we operate an opt-out policy for recordings, please complete this form if you do not want your talk to appear on the web repository alongside the other talks. Please note that the entire zoom session will still be fully recorded but your talk will not be available when we post the recordings to the workshop talk repo (most likely YouTube) if you opt-out. 

Recorded Talks

Talks should be no longer than 15 minutes

In your recording, please make sure the slides are prominently seen along with a clear audio presentation.  

Please submit your talks in MPEG-4 (.MP4) format and try to minimise the file size of your talk for web viewing, i.e. optimise for smaller file size rather than high quality.

Please follow the filename convention for your recorded talk: LastName_FirstName.mp4 

There are a number of ways to record your talks, e.g. 

Some advice and tips on recording talks can be found at ThinkScience 

Here are some tips on reducing video file sizes


Posters & Talk Slides

All those who were accepted for a poster contribution have the opotion to either submit a PDF or record a talk instead (follow the instructioons above). This need not be the full 15 mins, if you wish.

Poster files may be uploaded as single large or max 2 slide PDFs only

  • filename convention for posters: LastName_FirstName_poster.pdf 

Talk slides may be uploaded as PDFs alongside the recordings.

  • filename convention for talk slides: LastName_FirstName_talk.pdf 

Please make sure that you have minimised the file size. Preview and Adobe offer options to reduce file sizes



The link where to upload material will be sent via email to participants who submitted an abstract for a contribution in their registration. 

We will also send instructions by email on how to upload your talk or posters to the Slack workspace. Once you have uploaded your contribution please start a thread where Q&A on your contribution can be followed.


  • Instrument and Technical Talks
    • Please upload these as soon as possible
    • we would like to have these available before the meeting so that partiicpants can take account of them while preparing their contributions
  • Other talks
    • These can be uploaded anytime up to Fri 17th September 2021
    • Late uploads will be made available on a best efforts basis